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Will I help you… that depends on whether you actually - really - need help!
A few examples… perhaps !!!
What don’t I do - I don’t do CRAP - but, of course, that really will depend upon your particular point of view. We can’t please everyone now… can we !!!
I take a few odd photographs now and again. I shoot a few videos and record audio presentations, etc., …now and again. I do a great deal of preparatory work for use in websites - on the internet, in magazines, in publishing devices (we used to call them books) and for technical and training manuals - technical author stuff… sort of.
What do I do ? Well, let’s see.
If you can do what I can do - then you certainly don’t need my help - or anyone elses.
Acquire some gear, absorb some YouTube videos, and there you go - another instant, overnight, success story. Me, well I’m not so slick - it’s actually taken me 30 years to be an overnight success. And I’m not sure that I’m even there yet. That’s the trouble with being human - things never turn out to be as easy as we think they should be - but what do I know…